Monarch enjoying Glen's banjo tune

Monarch enjoying Glen’s banjo tune

The Paddling Puppeteers have been performing their musical puppet shows across Canada since 1999. A variety of colourful puppets bring to life many stories having to do with the environment. The shows present ideas of how we can take simple steps to preserve and restore Canada’s natural heritage.

The Paddling Puppeteers have seven different puppet shows with themes all related to Canada, its natural history, and the simple steps we can take to preserve and restore this beautiful country. All the shows are musical and interactive.

When you book the Paddling Puppeteers, you can choose the puppet show(s) we deliver, and whether you would like us to present additional musical shows, nature games, or workshops during our visit. We’re a flexible bunch and are happy to customize our visit for you.

Glen and Honest Frankie the Frog with Premier Wynne

Honest Frankie The Frog sharing election tips with Premier Wynne.

Musical Shows

The Paddling Puppeteers are pleased to present a new musical show called “Wow What a Country” staring the Rubbily-Ubdugs. We will sing you across Canada with some special puppets appearing and even a few guest dancers.

Music Shows

Nature Games

A variety of nature games can be the perfect way to enhance a music or puppet show. Once the show is done the Paddling Puppeteers have a series of natural/role playing games. These games have been very popular at various summer camps around Ontario. Games include; Eco-Tag, Quick Frozen Critters, Traditional First Nations Games, Rock, Paper, Scissors Food Chain Game etc.!

Puppet Making Workshops

Once the audience has viewed a show, it is always great fun for the children to now make their very own “lolly puppet.” This is a very simple puppet made from recycled materials and can be made in 20 to 30 minutes. This workshop has been popular at camps, school and Birthday parties.

Puppet Shows