Since 1998, Glen and “the Paddling Puppeteers” have been performing their musical puppet shows at national and provincial parks, camps, schools, and festivals across Canada.

A variety of colourful puppets bring to life four shows all related to nature and things we can do to care for our home:
—The Earth.

Our Show Line-up

Honest Frankie’s Shoreline Review

A music puppet show all about Ontario’s Lakes and Rivers. From ancient days to the modern era you will meet a host of historic characters from the Michi Saagiig Nation to the Voyageurs from the Lumberjacks to a present day shoreline developer. With the help of Honest Frankie the Frog and other critters the audience will help preserve and protect the waters.

Honest Frankies Shoreline
Outdoor Ed

Pluggin into Nature

Edward loves his video games and indoor time. One day he goes outside and discovers the natural world. He meets a chickadee, butterfly and frog who guide Edward on a path of outdoor fun and wellness. At the end of the show Edward helps to “plant up” the “neighbourwood.” Edward still loves his screen time but he also loves getting outside.

The Big History Mystery

One day Glen discovers a fossil and is hooked. From that day he continues to look for local fossils. With the help of a time machine Glen travels back through many geological eras and meet the fossils when they where alive. Glen also finds an arrow head and travels back to pre contact Michi Saagiig Anishnaabeg times. At the end of the show Glen travels to the future by mistake. What does the future look like? Its awesome but you will have to see the show to find out!
*This show was developed in partnership with Michi Saagiig Elder Dorothy Taylor

Big History Mystery