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Puppet Shows, Live Music, and Environmental Education all in one.
You’ll be amazed at all the creatures in the great outdoors!

About us

Environment education puppet shows

For the past 20 years, The Paddling Puppeteers have been touring Canada with their nature and history based musical puppet shows. In the early years, the show was packed into a “Wiigwaas-Jiimaan” Ojibway style birch bark canoe and we traveled from show to show along the waterways of Ontario..

Will Travel to

Folk Festivals
National Parks
Provincial Parks
Historic Sites
Conservation Areas
and more…

Selection of Shows

What we offer

Honest Frankie’s Shoreline Review

Canada is a land of lakes and rivers! This show introduces audiences to a cast of characters including; a Michi Saagiig Nishnabeg First Nations character, a Voyageur, a Lumberjack and a host of colourful and musical animals.

Outdoor Ed

Plugging into Nature

Edward loves his video games. One day he decides to go outside and meets all sorts of local animals from the “Neighbourwood.” This musical show highlights mental and physical wellness in children, nature connection and restoring the land and waters.

Big History Mystery

The Big History Mystery

Glen, a fossil collector, uses a time machine to meet living fossils from different eras and encounters a member of the Michi Saagiig Nishnabeg nation in pre-settler Ontario, leading to an accidental journey into the future, promising an amazing spectacle for the audience.

Campfire Classics

Canadian Sing along with Glen

Join Glen for a musical show with classic Canadian sing along songs, action songs, stories, dancing puppet and more.

Meet our Characters

Our Puppets

Curious Dude

Head coach

Compost Puppet Show

Worm Composter

Ground Crew

Stanfield Rutabaga Puppet show

Chief Ouioui

Pollinator De Jour

What the People say


Ecological messages wrapped in fun!

Prof. Tom Willans

The Paddling Puppeteers are a wonder! They get the message across, but deliver it in a way that in fun, entertaining and infectiously funny!

Meredith Carter

A visual treat for both young and old, with amazing puppets and beautiful costumes.

Kenton Otterbien

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