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celebrating Canada’s Natural Heritage

The Paddling Puppeteers have been performing their musical puppet shows across Canada since 1999. A variety of colourful puppets bring to life many stories having to do with the environment. The shows present ideas of how we can take simple steps to preserve and restore Canada’s natural heritage.

Outdoor Education

About Glen

Glen grew up in Kingston Ontario and spent endless hours playing in and beside Lake Ontario. He graduated from Trent University in Indigenous Studies in 1992. He then worked in the Deaf community for 10 years while volunteering at the GreenUp Ecology Park. For the last 23 years, Glen has been working and teaching at Camp Kawartha, GreenUp Ecology Park, The Canadian Canoe Museum and with the James Bay Cree Nation (in arts education.)

In 1998 Glen founded the Paddling Puppeteers and after 25 years is just getting started! 

You can often find Glen playing with his son Kai or in his garden or training for his yearly “Ride for the Climate.”

Will Travel to

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Experience The Paddling Puppeteers

What you get

When you book the Paddling Puppeteers, you can choose the puppet show(s) we deliver, and whether you would like us to present additional musical shows, nature games, or workshops during our visit. We’re a flexible bunch and are happy to customize our visit for you.

Music Shows

The Paddling Puppeteers are pleased to present a new musical show called “Wow What a Country” staring the Rubbily-Ubdugs. We will sing you across Canada with some special puppets appearing and even a few guest dancers.

Nature Games

A variety of nature games can be the perfect way to enhance a music or puppet show. Once the show is done the Paddling Puppeteers have a series of natural/role playing games. These games have been very popular at various summer camps around Ontario. Games include; Eco-Tag, Quick Frozen Critters, Traditional First Nations Games, Rock, Paper, Scissors Food Chain Game etc.

Puppet Making Workshop

Once the audience has viewed a show, it is always great fun for the children to now make their very own “lolly puppet.” This is a very simple puppet made from recycled materials and can be made in 20 to 30 minutes. This workshop has been popular at camps, school and Birthday parties.

Learning activities

Nature – the biggest teacher of all!


Why Puppets

The Paddling Puppeteers and their puppets tell stories to inspire the imagination of children and creatively engage them in learning about the values of our natural world.

Glen with puppet of Glen
Glen with Glen