Puppet Shows

  • Paddling puppeteers Shoreline Show

    Honest Frankie’s Shoreline Review

    This musical and interactive show will take the audience on a ride through the history of Ontario’s waterways. A first nations character along with a voyageur, lumberjack, a cottage developer and a host of critters will be sure to save the shoreline for future generations!

  • Plugging Into Nature

    Edward loves his TV, Facebook, and Sony Playstation. But one day, a squirrel chews the power line. Edward chases the squirrel away, but gets lost in the woods. With the help of the critters, Edward makes it home and discovers the wonders of the natural world. From that day on, Edward is known as “Outdoor […]

  • Compost Puppet Show

    Don’t Treat Soil Like Dirt—The Compost Show

    Join “Herman the Worm” as he introduces various insects and bacteria that live in the compost. Learn how to reduce waste and make beautiful soil. Marvel as Herman sings several “rot and roll” classics! Sponsored by Green-Up Ecology Park

  • A Walk in the Neighbourwood

    Marlin and Violet will take you for a walk in the urban forest where you’ll meet lots of critters and learn why trees are so important! The show will finish with volunteers planting a very interesting tree! Sponsored by Green-Up Ecology Park